German Made vs Canadian Made Solar Panels

solar panel from germanySolar panels in most cases look alike at a glance, but they operate in a very different way, depending on who manufactured them and what kind of material or technology was used. Therefore, in this German made vs Canadian made solar panes comparison, you will learn more about German and Canadian solar panel brands, and which exactly you should buy. But first, know that Canadian and German made solar panels as the key players in the solar panels industry, as they are both trusted.

The German made solar panels are sold even in third world countries. Canadian solar panels, however, are majorly available in Europe, and America. However, this is not to mean that all the Canadian made, and all German made solar panels are excellent. It all depends on specific brands. Many countries, for example, use the Q solar panels that are German made even though not all the German brands are trustworthy still. The best German made brands are: Q solar, Solarways, Conergy and Bosch.

On the same light, not all Canadian brands are trusted. The best Canadian solar panels that you can buy are: Yingli, Sharp, Suntech Solar and the likes. These are the major brands that are known well and are used across America, the UK and other European markets.

Just as a precaution, German and Canadian made solar panels last long and have high efficiency. This has led to a rise in pretentious brands that claim they are German made, while most of them are either made locally or are made in China. Even though not all the solar panels made in China are fake, those that claim that they are German or Canadian brands, yet they are not, are fake. Steer clear such smaller brands until they have proven that their products last as long as desired.

Wrapping up, the expected solar panel operation is at least 25 years. All German and Canadian brands therefore offer guarantees that exceed this bare minimum, and thus that should be another way to separate original solar panels from the fakes. Additionally, you should consult quality assurance firms in your state to give you direction in case you want to install solar panels on large scale.

One of the best providers of German solar panels in Perth is DNX Energy. Check out their website and contact them for any questions you may have.