About HSC

Why are so many people lazy or even afraid of working at home? There are so many good reasons to make your home better and nicer but the most obvious one is that you spend most of your life in your own four walls and that’s why you should put in some effort and work to make it worthwhile living. Not just for yourself, but also for your wife and children.

Anyway, the reason I write about home installations and repair is because I want to give some advice to people who just find it hard and difficult to follow those allegedly easy do-it-yourself guides on youtube and then messing up their work so that they have to call a technician.

On Home Schooling Companion I try to give you the best advice for working at home and also inspire you to be creative – whether that is painting your garage door or (successfully) attempting to instal solar panels on your roof. It’s possible! So don’t complain before you haven’t even started.

If you have any questions or still doubts that you can accomplish your project at home, then just head over to my contact page and get in touch with my. I will help you wherever I can.

My name is Dirk and I hope you enjoy my blog!